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We Take the time to Care

Individuals are involved in community activities as they build natural supports through church, family, friends, and through Timeck Care, Inc. all Community Participation is facilitated by trained staff, specific to each person's ISP emphasis on safety at all times.

Individuals choose these activities as they see fit with staff guidiance with making right choices.  Community participation will be provided in accordance with the individual support plan and authorized cost plan.   

Timeck Care is an Organization dedicated to supporting people with intellectual disabilities in pursuit of their Personal visions.
Timeck Care's Objective is to offer an array of opportunities and services to people with intellectual disabilities to enable them realize their dreams and aspirations.
Our Goal is to support the dreams, desires and independence of those supported through the participation in communual and organizational encouragement of personal choice.
Quality Care - Providing high-quality care through the use of expertise, experience, technology and development of educated and well-trained staff.
Respect - We believe in treating all with respect and dignity.
Safety - We continually strive to provide the individuals we support with safe and secure services and environment.
Communication - We dedicate ourselves to providing continual two-way communication between  the individuals and their health care providers.
Accountability - We base our practice on accountability - in values, commitment to the individuals we support, our services and our mission, which is to provide consistent and quality Care.
Honesty - We value integrity and honesty in all our practices.
Mission Statement
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Timeck Care Inc.

Taking the time to care.............

​Timeck Care Inc.
​​​​​Taking the Time To Care...........