Timeck Care Inc.

Taking the time to care.............

​Timeck Care Inc.
​​​​​Taking the Time To Care...........

About Us

Timeck Care, Inc. knows that superlative care is all about people, and our first priority is to treat our individuals like 
members of our own family. That means that Timeck Care, Inc. promises to treat each individual, regardless of gender or age,
with dignity, respect, safety and well-being. Timeck Care, Inc. is committed to providing and implementing best-practice approaches to your 
needs and combine the care we offer with old-fashioned common sense when it comes to providing individual care. 
 Our job is to make you independent and empowered, and Timeck Care, Inc. promises to do our best to provide you with an environment full of warmth and dignity and our
staff to do just that.
 Timeck Care, Inc. takes pride in our ability to inform and educate our individuals in their own care and variety of choices 
to guide you in making the best decisions for your health, which include physical and emotional support in a variety of fields.
Timeck Care, Inc. remains committed to providing knowledgeable and expert care and referrals for your needs.
Timeck Care, Inc. is happy to answer your questions while providing you with detailed information that makes making 
decisions easier.
 Timeck Care, Inc. combines good old-fashioned compassion and empathy with beautiful and comfortable homes 

to offer individuals the best tools for optimal results. Timeck Care, Inc. understands your needs and concerns, which is why
Timeck Care, Inc. also believes in direct and open communication between staff and persons served. 
 The services we render are based on the principle that every individual has got an inherent dignity and value. Each individual served will be
treated with courtesy and respect and have his/her rights protected. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.