​​​​​​ Each employee will receive training on Relias Training Management System and will commit to the yearly renewal and recertification. All employees will be certified in med administration and administration according to DIDD standard. Crisis Prevention for each home shall be strictly adhered to.  Employees will have cell phones so that they will be accessible in case of crisis. 

The ISP for each individual shall be strictly adhered to and any concerns shall be brought to the attention of the supervisor.  All methods will be employed to ensure the safety of the individuals, such as Regional Crisis pager, Mental Health Co-op's Mobile  Crisis Unit and the use of 911 when appropriate. Employees will be trained in CPI and CPR. Incident reports will be developed and the director will be contacted. All staff will be provided with telephone numbers of essential emergency personnel such as the fire and police departments. There will be fire drills and staff training for emergency responses.

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